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Happy New Year! Thank you very very much every things at the trip. We had many great experience and a lot of memorys. We hope we can to meet you again.

Tatsuhiko and Yuni

Hi, Stuart, I sure had a great time last Feb with all the dogs and such. That 4 th day was sure better than had we gone snowmobling, even if I lost the sled twice that day. I hope to come up again next year. Jonathan said he would like to do some ice fishing so well see what kind of package we can put togather. Hope you enjoy the tape.

Best regards,

Dear Stu and Jeannie, This morning in 45 degree sunshine, I caught myself thinking about last week sliding along on Basswood Lake in the middle of the wilderness, chuckling at Ashley trying to figure it out, impressed with Zoe's heart, Flops calm, Panda's strength. Wow was that only seven dog years ago? The stars were so clear, the ice snapping through the night, how wild it felt. So needless to say Bob and I had a wonderful time!!!! I found out a lot about us in this mini-adventure. I reassured myself that that cold weather is ok, that Bob really prefers the dogs to snowmobiles, that I remember how to handle a sled and that time can stand still, as he and I relieve our memories now. Thank you for all you do. That bob and I could share this togather is such a gift. I hope we can visit you again and that a daughter and a nephew can join us.

Have a safe new year,
Laura Rotegard

We want to thank you again for the dogsledding experience. We had such a great time and would love to try it again. Both of you were very friendly and easy going and we thank you again for the time. It was great having our own sleds and team of dogs. It made the experience so much better. We also enjoyed the delicious lunch that was such a fun break to stop for lunch by a bonfire. Everything that day we terrific it went so smoothly with the little kids. Enjoy the pictures and we hope to go sledding again.

Heidi, Jeff, Lucas, Abigail, Duffy
St. Paul

Thanks again for a wonderful dog sledding experience. We both had a great time! We are definitely ready to come up again next March. Maybe next time we'll even do the winter camping overnight thing rather than the 'cushy' bed and breakfast.

Kate Scott & Betsy Hoium

Your trip for us was great! I have talked about that to everyone. You really do a great job making people feel like it is their day. And, your dogs love you as well!! I will try to get some things in the mail this week. Next week at the latest. I have just been away from my computer all summer shooting and playing.

Hope all is well,
Susie Masterson
Winter Park, Colorado

We would like to have your wife's recipe for the Cheese and Ham Gourmet soup. It was wonderful and the cookies as well. Thank you for a great time. It was wonderful and everyone is still talking.